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Emergency plumbing repair services for home owners and commercial property managers throughout Genesee County Michigan. We are a leading group of local Professional Plumbers that provide top notch quality services for a variety of plumbinbg issues. Working around the clock 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to service any type of plumbing emergency. From small leaky faucet repairs, to frozen and broken pipes, sewer line breaks and more we are your number one source to call for any emergency plumbing need.

You can reach a local plumber in Grand Blanc, Fenton and Davison or anywhere in Genesee County by calling our 24 hour service center at 1 (810)309-9611. Providing the best in service and price is a committment we make to all of our customers. There is no worse feeling than discovering a plumging emergency that can cost tens of thousands of dollars in damages to your home or business if not corrected. You can rest assured when you call our local plumbing professionals you will receive top notch service from a master certified plumber who can guide you through the repair process. Our mission is to provide you with top notch service at an affordable price. Call on your local Genesee County Plumbers for any emergency or non emergency plumbing service in Michigan. From broken pipes, drain snaking, sewer line repairs, storm drain cleaning, frozen pipes, hot water heater installation and complete re-piping services, call us now!

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Emergency Services For Frozen, Broken, Leaking or Burst Pipes

Late fall, the entire winter season, and even early springtime can bring cold weather. When cold weather strikes it can bring the problem of frozen pipes and other plumbing emergencies. When plumbing issues arise, it is important that they get taken care of as soon as possible before more damage occurs. It is also important to get a qualified, experienced plumber to repair any problems.

Frozen pipes are common occurrences during a cold spell. A pipe the becomes frozen is a dangerous problem. Water that is in a pipe becomes frozen and causes enough pressure for the pipe to burst. It’s a very costly problem. When a pipe bursts, hundreds of gallons of water is expelled from the pipe causing an immense amount of damage to the home. Freezing pipes can be easily prevented. During extremely cold weather, it is wise to turn off all outdoor water fixtures and to let water drip in inside faucets. The dripping water should be a thin steady stream, and this will help prevent the water in the pipes from freezing. If the pipes are in an unheated crawl space, a small portable heater can be placed in the space to keep the temperature above freezing.

Winter Cold Weather and Extreme Disaster Repair Experts

Water heaters that don’t function properly is another cold weather problem that plumbers often face. Winter is a common time that water heaters malfunction. Often times, there are signs the water heater is not functioning properly. Turing on the hot water, but it only comes out in the first few seconds before the water turns cold. If the water is too hot, the temperature gauge may be broken. If there is a water around the base of the water heater, it is usually a sign of a leak. These are all signs that a professional needs to contacted.

Drainage problems are another common issue in winter and cold weather. It is important that snow, leaves, or other debris is not restricting water drainage. Many times, outside drains or gutters can get clogged causing a back-up which can lead to flooding or the puddles freezing. Keeping drains and gutters clean or covered can help prevent any clogging or getting backed up.

Winterizing the house’s pipes before the cold weather strikes is a way to prevent any damage. Pipes can be insulated and gutters and drain systems can be cleared of any debris. Regular checking throughout the cold weather on the plumbing system is a good idea to make sure things are working properly. A plumber can always come and inspect the system before the cold weather strikes. If a problem does occur, it is wise to call a professional. Contacting a professional plumber will save you time, money, and frustration, especially if you’re not experienced in fixing plumbing issues. Doing it yourself may lead to even more damage, costing you more money to repair.